A cobweb covered in snow!

A cobweb covered in snow!

I am thankful that my son and grandchildren in Pennsylvania made it through the Jonas storm without any serious difficulties. Their area received almost 30 inches of snow. They didn’t have an actual blizzard, though, as the wind in their area wasn’t strong enough to qualify (minimum requirements for a blizzard: winds of at least 35 mph, sustained for a minimum of 3 hours.)

I took the above picture here in New Mexico on December 28, right after our 2-day Goliath Blizzard ended. It’s a cobweb on the back porch, shrouded in snow. If I get any snow pictures from my son or granddaughter in Pennsylvania, I will add them here.

The snow from our Goliath blizzard has nearly all melted away. Yesterday our outdoor thermometer got up to 67F degrees. Today’s high is also expected to be in the 60s. Our weather has been so mild, at least one black bear has come out of hibernation and gone foraging in the dumpster in an alley near our house. I actually saw the bear last week. Couldn’t get a picture of it, but I did take some pictures of big piles of bear scat (bear poo), with my boots in the picture for size comparison. I will post those photos later, they are still in my phone, I need to get them on the computer.

UPDATE (added approx. ten minutes after I posted this): My son in Pennsylvania just sent me a text, saying he can’t see his car, it is completely buried. He said he will send me pictures before he digs it out.

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