My Husband and I Don’t Like to Kill Mice…

…but we don’t want rodents living in our house!

I got up this morning and found a live mouse caught in a trap in the kitchen. My sweet husband kindly offered to take it to the dump and set it free.

He said the little mysz (Polish for mouse) was happily chewing on a breakfast bar as he drove away.

OK, the breakfast bar was my idea. See, I figured the mouse had to be really hungry after battling with the trap all night…

MICE ARE CUTE, but they leave filthy little poop droppings everywhere. They chew up things you wanted to keep intact and make smelly nests in your drawers, closets, and boots. (I once found a mouse nest in my snuggly warm Mukluk boot. My beloved Mukluks are now part of the landfill.)

Another problem with mice is that they urinate very frequently, with almost every step they take, everywhere they roam, all over the house.


Worst of all, mice can carry potentially deadly diseases like Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and — especially here in New Mexico — the Bubonic Plague.

While the “Black Death” Plague is rare these days, the state with the most reported cases since 1970 is New Mexico, according to this map from the U.S. government’s Center for Disease Control. One online reference stated that there were four known cases of Bubonic Plague here in New Mexico last year.

So, yeah, we don’t want rodents living in our house.

I’ve got my work cut out for me today: hunting for signs of more mice, looking for, and sealing, any places where they could be getting in, and — most daunting of all — I have to clean and disinfect the entire house.


I need a breakfast bar.

But I gave the last one to the @&#$%!!?  MOUSE!

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