I love this post, “Better Health Through Better Doctoring,” written by a retired chiropractor.

Many of us grew up watching Jack LaLanne’s morning exercise show on tv. I remember watching that show with my mother on an old console black and white television when I was a little girl, way back in the 1950s. I did a search on his name recently and found, to my surprise, that he was also a chiropractor.

Jack LaLanne, who pioneered healthy eating and physical fitness here in the United States, died just five years ago this month, in his 97th year. He continued his daily exercise routine right up to the day before he died.

His widow, also in her nineties, follows a similar routine. In a short exercise video clip on the Jack LaLanne blog, Mrs. LaLanne says, “You eat every day. You sleep every day. You also need to exercise every day.” So true!

According to the Wikipedia article, Jack LaLanne opened the first ever fitness and health club in the U.S. in 1936. His story is inspiring. You can read about it here:

Mr. LaLanne’s autopsy found that he died of pneumonia. According to his family, he had been feeling sick for about a week but refused to see a doctor. I think this is a prime example of how we can benefit from a balance of good western medical care, in conjunction with a healthy, holistic lifestyle. But even so, he lived a long, healthy life.

Exercise is fun when you think of it as playing, the way children and puppies run and play. I am a great grandmother now and I still “play” almost every day. Playful exercise never fails to lift my spirits, at the same time that it keeps my body healthy, limber, and strong. Our mind, spirit, and body are all connected. What benefits one part of you also benefits the other parts.

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All About Healthy Choices

rootcauses1Let’s pretend for a moment that health insurance (private or national) didn’t exist. Let’s pretend each of us was financially responsibility for “employing” doctors to help us monitor our health. Would we solely rely on the doctor(s) we use today?

I ask this question because most of us have never been exposed to the latest branch of medical, chiropractic, naturopathic and acupuncture physicians practicing FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. This form of health care evaluates the “whole person” to investigate root cause problemsthat address ongoing symptoms (OR MORE  IMPORTANTLY), problems BEFORE they become symptomatic.


What are the differences between traditional doctors and functional medicine doctors?


Traditional doctors are typically approached when a patient begins to experience symptoms. The traditional doctor will follow an algorithm and order traditional lab work to determine an appropriate prescription to address the patient’s symptoms. If the symptoms clear up, the case is deemed a success by…

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