My New Year’s Resolution: MORE Healing For My PTSD!

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions. But this year I have decided to try a program put together by Michele Rosenthal for healing PTSD. Although I have come a long way in my healing journey, I still have more healing to do.

Check it out: Michele’s super low sale prices are only good for a few more hours, until midnight/2016:

I hope everyone reading this has a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed New Year. Here’s a great big grandmotherly ((((HUG)))) if you want one.


Our monster tree that I have been so worried might come down on our house every time it storms, made it through our recent 70 mph Goliath blizzard without losing a single branch!

A train was blown off the tracks about six miles away, several nearby grain elevators collapsed, and three large trees a block from our house were destroyed by the storm. We lost shingles off the roof, our mailbox blew off its post, my husband’s wheelchair ramp blew over and crashed against the fence, and much of our stockade fencing blew down, as you can see in this picture. We also lost electricity for 21 hours, which was scary, with the temperature down in the teens outside.

But despite all the storms of the past six or seven decades, this amazing old tree is still standing tall and strong — and so am I!

— — —


About Linda Lee

Linda Lee is my pen name. I am a former nurse, a Mensa member, and a writer, diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by severe trauma and narcissistic abuse. Formerly an agnostic, I am now a Christian. My husband, a USMC combat veteran and a chaplain, has also been diagnosed with PTSD. We've come a long way on our healing journey; we have a ways to go. ***We put the FUN in dysfunction***
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