Sitting in the middle of a blizzard warning

Blizzard Warning....

Blizzard Warning….

See the dark blue area that says “BLIZZARD” on the weather map? My family and I are almost in the middle of that area. The snow hasn’t started yet but the wind right now is insane.

20151223_monster_treeSo far none of the branches have come off our monster tree. That’s our tree towering over our little house in the picture on the left. Scary, huh?

We had a lovely Christmas, except for my husband coming down with a chest cold. Please say a prayer for him, and for our house and tree to hold up during this storm. We wanted to have the tree trimmed, but a professional tree trimmer wants $2,400 to trim it or $3,200 to cut it down. So that’s not happening anytime soon.

I hope everyone reading this had a great Christmas. Hugs and Kisses!

Update approximately four hours later: The wind is so fierce, I was literally almost blown off my feet three times when I went to the store to get orange juice and cough medicine for my sick hubby! Parts of New Mexico are in white out condition now, but our snow has yet to start, thank God.

However the wind sounds and feels like a hurricane. I know, because I have been in hurricanes before. One was on a fishing expedition in the Gulf of Mexico! The little boat I was on rode the waves like it was a roller coaster! I was only 24 then and still thought I was immortal, so I actually ejoyed that experience.

I’m definitely not enjoying this storm, though. The wheelchair ramp in our back yard has blown over. The street light across from our house blew off the pole. And some of the shingles on our roof have blown off. But so far the tree, the trailer my stepdaughter is staying in, and our house are still in one piece.

YIKES that wind sounds BAD.

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