Do You Ever Feel ”All Wrong?” Here’s Why That is a Lie

Our sweet old Otterhound. Nobody did "grumpy" better than Farley.

Our sweet old Otterhound. Nobody did “grumpy” better than Farley.

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BECKY HASTINGS, a life coach, minister’s wife, former missionary, mother of five and also a grandmother, writes a blog called Journey Boost. In reading through her intelligent posts I feel a lot of admiration for this woman, along with a twinge of envy.

Why the envy? Because Becky has lived the life that I had expected to live, before my dreams were derailed by a (mis?) diagnosis of schizophrenia and being put in a mental institution when I was fourteen.

I had my life all planned out by the time I was eight. I was going to go to college, and then I was going to meet and marry my one true love. We would have a large family — I wanted six children — and we were going to be missionaries. In my spare time, or maybe after the children were grown, I was going to be a writer.

Today I am in my sixties and my life has been pretty much the opposite of everything I planned.

And yet, even a life that looks perfect from the outside is going to have some challenges, as Becky reveals in Who Am I?, posted on May 27, 2015:

At some point in our life we all feel discouraged.

Discouragement takes different forms.

I confess I have fallen prey to the lies of our enemy who would like me to stay in discouragement. Once when I was there I wrote this:

Written by Becky Hastings, author of

Written by Becky Hastings, author of

If you are ever feeling similarly “wrong” here is a great antidote. A brilliant reminder we all need of who we REALLY ARE!

I am AWESOME. Not because of WHO I am, but because of WHOSE I am!

When you struggle with discouragement remember:

You are never too much

You are always enough

Regardless of who you think you are

Regardless of how you feel right now

You have world changing capability

Your responsibility is to find that world changing woman inside

and set that women free

Any voice that tries to tell you anything different

is from the enemy

So when you feel discouraged, say this

Not me Satan

I am a daughter of the living God

I am cherished, loved and adored above all things

By the Creator of all things

For the glory of Him who is greater than all things

I am awesome

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PLEASE — watch and LISTEN to the above YouTube video, ”Who You Are: A Message To All Women” by TheAnimaSeries. This message is so powerful, I think I may start every day from now on listening to this video!

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Lynda Lee is my pen name. I am a former nurse, a Mensa member, and a writer, diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by extreme trauma and narcissistic abuse. Formerly agnostic, I am now a Christian. My husband, a USMC Vietnam War Veteran and a Chaplain, has PTSD caused by combat. We've come a long way on our healing journey and we still have a ways to go. We put the FUN in dysfunctional. :-)
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